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How to use Acrylic Nail Kits at home

How to use Acrylic Nail Kits at home

If you have decided you need to stop spending so much money at the nail salon having acrylic nails applied, you are more than likely going to start doing your own nails at home.

If so, whether you have ever used an acrylic nail kit before or not, you will need to make sure you buy the right one.

Here are a few things to consider when you start to look at some of the current acrylic nail kits out there.

Basic acrylic nail kits — There are some extremely complicated acrylic nail kits (or for the spanish among you: Kit de uñas acrílicas) on the market nowadays that come with everything you need to do your nails at home. They even include a number of vibrant acrylic nail gel colors as well.

Two problems appear with these types of nail kits, however, that do not appear with the more basic kits.

Not only do they often include gel nail colors you would never actually use, but they are also usually expensive. Well over $100 in many cases.

Choose an acrylic nail kit for use at home with just the basic supplies — a nail cleanser, a high quality nail primer, a nice quality base and a durable top coat — and you can then buy the nail colors you actually want separately.

A high quality basic kit will usually be less than half the cost of the expensive ones, and you will actually end up getting only the nail products you will use.

A kit with a mini lamp — Most acrylic nail kits do come with a mini lamp so that, once you have finished apply acrylic nail coats, you can make sure the acrylic hardens.

Some kits are more like refill kits and do not include a mini lamp. If you do not own one already, make sure the one you buy does.

Mini lamp or full size lamp? — While a kit with a mini lamp is useful, it does often take longer to finish your acrylic nail application and dry each nail as you have to do them one by one.

That is why, if you hate to waste time, look at kits that include a full size lamp instead. They will usually be more expensive for the initial purchase, but they will also save you from wasting a lot of time on doing your nails.

How to use acrylic nail kits at home — If you have never used a nail kit at home, even if you buy the right one for your needs, you will still find yourself struggling when it comes to using it.

This is why you should watch videos on YouTube or DailyMotion on how to use acrylic nail kits at home, and then follow the instructions step-by-step.

If you want to be able to watch a video course recorded by a professional nail manicurist, however, consider buying your acrylic nail kits from the website of a salon in Spain instead. Several of them include free online video courses with each nail kit purchase.

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