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Top 3 Night Vision Scopes You Need For Your Hunting Rifle

Top 3 Night Vision Scopes You Need For Your Hunting Rifle

It was just ten years ago that we saw night visión technology being used on a full-time basis. Not only was it a new technology but it was an expensive technology. But thanks to the military’s fight against terror the size and cost of a night visión scope have shrunk tremendously. This has allowed any body to obtain night visión technology. But what exactly goes into a great night visión scope? To answer this we have listed the top 3 night visión scopes that will give you the most for your money – so lets find out, how has the best night vision scope.

The Armasight ORION

Being compact and powerful is one of the reasons why the Armasight Gen 1+ Orion made it on our top 3 list. Besides those qualities it is also highly affordable compared to other similar optic scopes. It provides a clear picture at night for both moderate and close ranges. Of course, having clear sight that goes on for miles won’t happen, but for you hunters using it you will not be dissapointed with its 30-40 lp/mm resolution.

With 5x the normal range for magnification, the Orion has no problema making hunting rifles like the AR-15 look good. It is considered the best option to use when conducting a pest hunt at night. With its fixed power the scope is smaller with a lot more affordability tan other night visión scopes.

Included with the Armasight Gen 1+ Orion is a detachable infrared illuminator. This infrared illuminator will allow you to see clear as day. Its CR 123A battery can also last for an amazingly 40 hours.

The ATN Night Arrow

This state of the art night visión scope features a 4x magnification capability. It also includes an illuminated reticle consisting of red/Green, durable construction and resistance to fog and wáter. All of which are covered under its two year warranty.

Powered by one AAA battery, the ATN Night Arrow can seem a little bit expensive. However, when you include all of the features that it has, the price will no longer be the determining factor in its purchase. With an automatic brightness control the Night Arrow’s sensitive technology will be protected from bright lights so the user can continue to enjoy its use without risking equipment damage.

The Sightmark Photon

If you are familiar with using a red dot optic scope then chances are you are already familiar with its creator, Sightmark. Plus, it only makes sense that Sightmark would expand into the night visión side of optics. With their Photon Digital night visión riflescope you’ll feel like you’re living in the space age. With its trimmed appearance, the long thin tube looks perfect together with its night visión optic. Its intended design was to combine a night visión monocular and a rifle scope. The Sightmark Photon design has proven to be 30% lighter as compared to similar competitors on todays night vision market.

With a 4.6x optic magnification, it can be a surprise due to its light weight design. Its objective lenses are 42 mm and provide both a clear and wide view. There are currently six reticle designs available from Slightmark which have many different uses and are available in 3 colors white, green and red. Along with the three recticle colors it also includes two crossbow reticles that give various ratings to measure feet per second. Lastly, its range applications consist of two dúplex recticles that measure close range as well as two mil dot recticles to measure long range.

Digitally speaking the Lightmark Photon implements a tool that measures wind and elevation to allow the user to adjust to their surroundings.

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