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The Broadway Life

The Broadway Life

The Broadway life is much more than the life of people who work in the 41 professional theaters of Broadway in Manhattan where the theatrical magic happens throughout the year. Let’s take a look at both the apparent life of sparkling lights and fairy dust on stage but behind the scenes, the Broadway star lives a busy life obeying a rough work schedule. And the lifestyle that follows around Broadway.

The life at Broadway usually revolves around the weekend first routine. Generally, there are eight performances per week but most shows don’t happen on Mondays which is considered a taboo. Tuesday evening to Sunday evening is the working week and Monday is an off day or weekend holiday for the people at Broadway. Suits the partying lifestyle that many associates with Broadway. Yet some shows, however, change their performance timings as per target audience preferences, Yup! That also happens here.

So to follow the tough life we should tell you that health comes first even to the Broadway elite. The people living the Broadway life spend their mornings in exercise and workouts to keep themselves healthy and fit. The first show is in the afternoon so the morning could be dedicated to personal fitness.

For a Broadway performer after the workout hours, come the prep hours for their afternoon show. The actors, performers, directors, and staff start their preparations for the first performance of the day. The stage is set and the actors get ready, dress up and do makeup for the performance. The first show of the day is presented roughly around 2pm in the afternoon. The critics mostly prefer opening shows so you hardly see them on a 2pm show.

Grabbing lunch or mainly feeding off on fruit during the intermission, the actors spend the day either preparing for their next performance, rehearsing scenes or memorizing dialogues. It all comes to end at a different hour in the early morning hours at different theaters. The after party happens with stars only if the show is hit. Else everyone has their own party to attend, in their own way.

All in all, no matter who you are, the life is like living a fairy tale dream. Although there are a lot of backstage politics involved and crazy competition between the rivals to secure the major spotlight in the eyes of the audience. But who cares if you a Broadway heartthrob?

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