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Is hemp oil effective against treating and/or preventing cancer?

Is hemp oil effective against treating and/or preventing cancer?

Is hemp oil effective against treating and/or preventing cancer?

Have you been hearing about hemp oil being used as a treatment for cancer? Have people been telling you they are taking it as a preventive for various forms of cancer?

If so, depending on your circumstances, you may be interested in using hemp oil to treat a form of cancer you are currently suffering from or to prevent one from occurring in the future, but should you?

Is hemp oil effective against treating and/or preventing cancer? — The first thing you need to be aware of is that hemp oil has not been officially tested by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in clinical trials.

That being said, this definitely does not mean that hemp oil is not effective as a treatment or as a preventative. After all, there are many substances around the world that are highly effective that the FDA has yet to put through a clinical trial.

In addition, hemp oil has been used by cultures all over the world for centuries as a treatment for various diseases, including cancer, and with extremely good results.

Anti-carcinogenic effects — One of the things that does look promising for hemp oil too is that it is said to have anti-carcinogenic effects. Research is also being done into hemp oil in the lab, and preliminary results show that it is preventing the growth of cancer cells in the lab and, in some cases, killing cancerous cells completely.

This is possibly why so many people who have used hemp oil as a cancer treatment or preventative are reporting very positive results.

An immune enhancer — Another reason why hemp oil could be effective against cancer is that it is an immune enhancer.

Cancer often develops in a weakened body or in a person with a depressed immune system and, with a powerful immune enhancer like hemp oil, the chances of this happening can definitely be less.

This means hemp oil could very well be an effective preventative against a whole host of cancer types.

Stopping the spread of the herpes virus — Hemp oil has been shown to stop the spread of the herpes virus in women.

As herpes has been shown to be a factor in triggering various forms of gynaecological cancers, its use as a preventative could be effective.

An alternative treatment or complementary cancer treatment — There are few reported side effects from using hemp oil and any that have been reported are extremely mild.

That means if you are looking for an alternative treatment for cancer, or a complementary treatment to use alongside one prescribed by your doctor, there is no reason not to try hemp oil.

After all, it is currently being used by various alternative healers around the world with, in some cases, quite astounding results.

If you are suffering from a form of cancer that is quite stubborn or completely resistant to conventional treatments, trying hemp oil is definitely something you should consider. Especially as various people are reporting success after using hemp oil and when suffering from a type of cancer resistant to chemotherapy or radiation.

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