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Four Reasons Your Kitchen Needs a Bread Machine

Four Reasons Your Kitchen Needs a Bread Machine

Bread machines have been around for many years now. However, they’re suddenly undergoing something of a comeback as more and more people begin to understand the numerous benefits that these handy kitchen machines can provide.

Of course, the expense of a bread machine probably isn’t justified if you rarely, if ever, consider making your own bread. On the other hand, they are a fantastic option for anyone who’s always wanted to make their own bread, but doesn’t have the time or skills to do it the old-fashioned way. Therefore, if you’ve been considering buying a bread machine, here are some facts that might make you realize it’s definitely the next kitchen gadget you need in your life.

Homemade Bread is the Healthiest Option

One problem with most store-bought bread is that it is full of chemicals, preservatives, fillers and heavily refined grains. In this sense, some types of white bread provide almost zero nutritional value. On the other hand, your homemade bread can be made using only the basic, natural ingredients. In fact, all you typically need is wheat, yeast, a bit of sugar and water.

With your bread machine, you can also experiment with using more whole-grain flours to produce delicious homemade bread that is far healthier than virtually anything you could buy in the average grocery store.

Simplify Your Life

Many people would love to eat homemade bread every day, if only they had the time it takes. Making bread by hand generally takes a few hours, including the time to mix, knead and let the dough rise. However, the best bread machines take care of everything on their own.

All you need to do is put in your ingredients, set the program and the machine will take care of the rest. Many bread machines even feature timers that allow you to put the ingredients in before you go to bed and then wake up to the smell of fresh bread each and every morning. With a bread machine, you don’t need any special skills or anything more than a few minutes—just a good recipe and high-quality ingredients.

Save Money on Your Monthly Food Budget

Making your own bread is way more cost-effective than buying bread at the store. This probably won’t make much of a difference if your family isn’t big bread eaters, but the savings will quickly add up if you eat it daily.

Even if you buy the highest quality, most expensive ingredients you can find, the total price per loaf will likely still work out to be a mere fraction of store-bought bread. This means that your bread machine should end up more than paying for itself within a number of years. Still, it’s always a good idea to read bread machine reviews to ensure that whatever model you end up choosing is durable enough to actually last for years.

Bread Machines Make Clean-up a Breeze

Making bread by hand is not only time consuming, but it also makes a huge mess. With a bread machine, you’ll no longer have to deal with flour all over your counters and other common baking messes. In addition, all of the internal parts are generally dishwasher friendly to ensure your daily bread-making ritual takes up no more than a scant few minutes of your time. That being said, some models are still easier to clean than others, so this another thing you’ll want to pay attention to when reading bread machine reviews.

Bread machines are undoubtedly a great kitchen appliance, and they can even be used to make pizza dough, cookie dough and perform a range of other mixing tasks. Some people even use them as an extra, albeit much smaller oven when hosting holiday parties and other events. All of this makes the decision to purchase a bread machine one that is virtually guaranteed to simplify your life in the kitchen.


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